We Don't Just Make Our Jams, We grow The Fruit Too

Posted on Sunday 31 July 2016 @ 19:53  •  Back to main blog

The Highlands are well known for growing the highest quality soft fruits, partly down to the climate and partly due to the long hours of daylight in the summer.

At The Pottery House Loch Ness B&B we not only make our own jams, we grow the fruit too.

We're lucky to have an allotment on the hillside above Dores, overlooking Loch Ness, this has been a great year for gooseberries, strawberries, blackcurrants and the raspberries are just coming in to season.

We also grow most of the flowers for the house on the allotment, sweet peas are in abundance right now and dahlis are just coming in to flower, with the promise of gladioli to come soon.

We also make a few jars of jam for sale, so if you're staying at Pottery House we have a few jars for you to take home.

Pottery House Loch Ness B&B

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