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The Softer Side of the Highlands

With Christmas just around the corner, a time to celebrate the festivities with families and friends, we wanted to take a bit of time to celebrate our own Tomatin community which lies at the heart of everything we do.

The majority of staff live in the grounds of the distillery, in purpose built homes erected to specifically house our distillery workers, with generations of the same family working side by side.

The Bartlett family follow in that long held tradition. Allan is the Cooper of 11 years standing and started very young. As he explains, “It took me 5 years to train, it’s quite a skill, every year there’s a new element to learn. I’ve now been qualified for 6 years.”

Like so many others in the team, the distillery runs in his blood. “I’ve always lived onsite. My dad works as the groundsman and my mum works downstairs in the office as office manager and receptionist.” There is a mellow contentment and satisfaction to working at Tomatin, just ask Allan.

As he says himself, “It’s a way of life up here, not just a job.”

With this deep passion and respect for tradition, dedication, skill and attention to detail, the distillery craftsmen produce one of Scotland’s finest single malt whiskies.

The distillery is sheltered by the smooth, rounded peaks of the Monadhliath Mountains, reflecting the softer side of nature in a quiet corner of the Highlands. The pure spring water, tender barley and gentle patience all go into creating an incredibly soft Highland whisky. Our award-winning range has recently re-branded and includes a variety of different ages and wood styles - there is an expression to suit all tastes!

Tomatin Distillery

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