The First Snow Has Arrived

Posted on Saturday 19 November 2016 @ 11:19  •  Back to main blog

As a very amateur photographer and tour guide I just love when the first snows arrive on South Loch Ness .

A harbinger of winter full when some of the best scenery of the year is revealed and when it seems to the visitor like they have the Highlands all to themselves. I saw in an earlier blog someone had described the area as ‘the best kept secret’  and,  with its Mountain Top Selfiemany walking, cycling and road access routes, easy access to upland areas, great landscapes, seemingly abundant wildlife, I have to agree. Particularly as this can all be found not a ‘stones throw’  from Inverness. One of my favourite places is the Suidhe Viewpoint seen here….high Selfie

George Polwarth

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