Loch Mhor

Posted on Wednesday 12 October 2016 @ 19:30  •  Back to main blog

The golden days continue much to everyone’s delight! We are bathed in warmth which will surely set us up for winter. The birch are turning, and rowan, heavy with scarlet berries, feed hungry throngs of mistle-thrushes, redwings and blackbirds.

Loch Mhor, nestled high above Loch Ness, has been wonderfully calm, reflecting the hills of the Monadhliath by day, and the almost full moon at night. It has been perfect kayaking weather, and my son delighted in watching a young otter at play on the far shore, from the ‘hide’ of his boat. Flocks of teal now moult on the waters and common snipe probe the marshy margins.

From the garden of the Schoolhouse, I hear the haunting call of Whooper swans as they fly south after their night’s loch-resting.

What a wonderful place to recuperate, to moult, to fatten up for the winter!

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