Highland Ceilidh

Posted on Thursday 11 August 2016 @ 19:04  •  Back to main blog
Highlanders are renowned for their hospitality and what better way to meet the locals than to take part in a ceilidh (pronounced key-lee).

Traditionally, ceilidhs were social gatherings of any sort and could include storytelling, poetry, songs, music, dancing, and of course “craic”! These days the focus is more on music and dancing – don’t worry though, you do not need to be an experienced dancer to take part as the steps to each dance are “called”(explained) at the start of each one, some bands even provide a practical demonstration. Nobody cares of you get the steps wrong, it’s all about having fun.

The dances are either in sets or couples and include the popular Dashing White Sergeant, Gay Gordons, and at the end of the night, Strip the Willow. Many towns and villages in the Loch Ness area host public ceilidhs on a regular basis that all are welcome to. Some businesses such as Morag’s Lodge in Fort Augustus also host regular ceilidhs that all are welcome to.

Even if dancing is not for you it is worth going to a ceilidh for the traditional lively and upbeat music. It is almost impossible to listen to ceilidh music without stamping your feet with a grin on your face… or is that the whisky!

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