Glorious Weather On Loch Ness

Posted on Monday 10 October 2016 @ 20:49  •  Back to main blog

We may now be into the month of October but today's brief north easterly breeze brought some glorious weather with it, as you can see from today's photo view.  The loch saw a few white horses but the rain that can come with our prevailing south westerly wind was nowhere to be seen.  Maybe these cold, star filled nights we are experiencing just now are also the reason for Foyers echoing to the sound of a bellowing stag last night - he certainly made his presence known.  I don't believe any of the Lower Foyers residents got a wink of sleep and as I lay in my bed at Craigdarroch I could certainly imagine that he was prancing about down near the Jane Fraser memorial obelisk, throwing his head back and charging away. Looks like the rut may have begun!

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