Gas Bottle Blackbirds

Posted on Thursday 16 June 2016 @ 10:17  •  Back to main blog
At the beginning of May we had a surprise when we went round the back of Pottery House, a blackbird had decided to nest on top of our gas bottles. Luckily we had just replaced one and that would last for at least a couple of months, so we wouldn't have to disturb her.

We watched them from a distance and saw 5 eggs.

After a couple of weeks the eggs had hatched and the parents were flying in and out, feeding the young.

And then one morning in early June we looked to see 3 of the young missing, obviously they had fledged but we were concerned about the other two. No need to worry, the parents kept feeding them and the following morning the nest we had watched for a month was empty.

Maybe the mother will come back and lay another brood.

You will find more photos and a video of the young being fed on our facebook page at Pottery House Facebook.

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