Northern Lights

Northern Lights

The Highlands are far enough north to witness spectacular northern lights (or aurora) and are sometimes bathed in high activity flows from Scandinavia. Our dark skies make it an excellent place to view this amazing display -  but there’s a great deal of luck involved in observing it.  Find a good vantage point and make sure you’re looking north is a good start, and keep tabs on the many aurora apps and websites that will alert you to incoming solar activity. Getting out there as often as possible is the main thing and setting up a wee observing camp is a fun thing to do - an old deck chair, picnic rug and plenty of warm chocolate to sip on is all you really need. 

Northern Scotland is on the same latitue as Stavangerin Norway and Nunivak Island in Alaska making it a great location to see the ‘Mirrie Dancers'.

The Autumn and winter are the best times to view with long dark nights and often clear skies.

Photo 2: Copyright and used by kind permission of Jamie Fraser. Fernweh Photography.

Photo 1: Copyright and used by kind permission of Adam De Silva . The Dores Inn

Photo 3: Copyright and used by kind permission of Claire Rehr (Northern Lights over Abriachan)

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