Flowers and Trees

Flowers and Trees
Take to the trails at Farigaig Forest to spot colourful wildflowers, butterflies and req squirrels, and for impressive views over Loch ness and towards a dramatic rocky outcrop topped by the iron age for of Dun Dearduil. Wind your way to the view points through a mix of broadleaf woodland - at its most vibrant in autumn - and conifers of all ages, including some soaring specimens by lovely Lochan Torr an Tuill. The forest here is a haven for red squirrels and badgers, as well as a host of woodland birds, and in summer dragonflies whizz across the water at the Lochan.

If you wish to go further afield for a day trip, there are several areas of spectacular woodland within easy reach of south Loch Ness...

The Fairy Glen, near Rosemarkie is an area of broadleaved woodland set in an attractive steep-sided valley, containing two waterfalls. The glen is heavily wooded with birches, geans and rowans and is a haven for plants and wildlife. Depending on the time of year you are likely to see primroses, bluebells, water avens, wood sorrel and red campion.

Glen Affric is a magical mix of native pine woods, glistening lochs and haunting moorland. It features over 30 miles of ancient pinewoods and is one of the largest ancient Caledonian pine woods in Scotland. You can wander amongst the pine trees accompanied by the chirpy calls of woodland birds. Elsewhere you might encounter ospreys, secretive otters or red- and black-throated divers. Come in autumn and you’ll be inspired by the mosaic of colour and the echoing roar of red deer stags.

Also, the rugged Cairngorms National Park is Britain’s largest National Park. It incorporates nine National Nature Reserves (NNR) and plays host to 25 percent of the UK’s threatened wildlife species, like the golden eagle.
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